Welcome to Bovbjerg Lighthouse

Bovbjerg Lighthouse - what to do ...

The tower is open during daytime, and from the gallery you have a magnificent view over the North Sea and the surrounding landscape.

In the bottom of the tower you can see an exhibition about coastal protection in Denmark through more than 100 years. The exhibition is established by the Danish Coastal Administration.

There is a café where you can buy coffee, tea, cakes, beer,soft drinks, icecream and light lunch. We have a small souvenier shop. In the garden you may play with your children, take a rest or enjoy the wind and the sun.

We have exhibitions of art, handicraft or of special topics. The exhibitions will change monthly. Opening hours are the same as for the café. Further information about the artists, previews and topics. There is a big garden where you can play with your children. There are several fine walks in the surroundings - along the beach and on the top of the cliff.

Briefly about the History of the Lighthouse

Bovbjerg Lighthouse was built 1877. It is still an active lighthouse. The lantern is run automatically by The Danish Maritime Safety Administration.

The tower and the buildings have 2007 been taken over by a foundation whose purpose is to secure public admission to the tower and support the cultural life of the local community. We have a supporters association that has about 500 members and you too are very welcome.

We arrange discourses, guided tours in the surrounding nature, and several other types of activities.

You can book time for meetings and other types of arrangements.

Please, contact our director Tel: +45 9789 1012